Brett Hooper

Product Designer

I design things. I design things that look better, work better and cost less to make and sell.

I mostly design physical product things, but I love creating unique experiences, corporate identities and packaging that makes people want to buy what’s inside.

I guess you googled my name. The above big title forces Google to make sure you find me if you search to find out who I am. 

I’ve been designing products and services since 1999. That means I have a lot of design experience… and yet I also don’t know anything. I’m a senior Industrial Designer at Studio 63 in Ottawa, Canada. I’m also a former professor of design at Carleton University. (Now I’m back though)

Main Design Experience

Industrial Designer

Creative Director

Sr. Industrial Designer

2019-Present: Studio 63

Secondary Design Experience

Graphic Designer

1999-2019: Freelance Design

Owner / Founder

2006-2011: Triple Bogey Inc.

Professor: Industrial Design